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There will be shenanigans!
We have experience playing a wide variety of venues (from small pubs to large festivals), and can play multiple performances over the span of several days with advanced notice.

Our song library features over 3 hours worth of Irish/Scottish pub tunes and crowd favorites that are sure to get your audience singing and clapping along! 

We also have a live c
èilidh dance caller and several easy-to-learn Celtic dances that are sure to get people on their feet and part of the experience. 
Come "have a pint" with Stillwter's loudest little Celtic band and sing and dance the night away with us!

We have pro equipment including a full PA system and are scalable to any event!


18 channel powered mixer with analog and digital outputs

2 x 15" Mains with tweeters

2 x 18" subwoofers

2 x 12" stage monitors

Acoustic 18" bass amp

4 x Shure SM58 dynamic vocal microphones

Shure Beta57A instrument microphone

2 x Rode NT1 5th generation condenser microphones

Audix D4-D6 drum kit mics

Cèilidh Dances:

Canadian Barn Dance

Circassian Circle

Gay Gordons

Military 2 Step

Strip the Willow (Shetland)

Copperhead Road (not a traditional cèilidh dance but still fun!)

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