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Are you looking for a super FUN and EXCITING band to play your Celtic festival or live music event? found us
Who We Are:

"The most fun you'll ever have with yer kilt on!"

The Waxie Dargles are one of the most FUN and ENTERTAINING Celtic bands you'll ever see. More of an EXPERIENCE rather than a performance, we focus on CROWD ENGAGEMENT by combining everyone’s favorite Irish and Scottish drinking songs with lighthearted cèilidh dancing to get the crowd singing, clapping, and dancing along!


What They’re Saying:

”The Waxie Dargles were a wonderful addition to our 2024 Tulsa IrishFest!  
If you have a chance to go see them it!!!”

“There were a lot of great bands there this weekend…but the Waxie Dargles make it FUN!”

“Always a fun time! Love the Waxie Dargles!”

“…the tent was already in full swing. Waxie Dargles played the theme from Outlander…
  It wasn’t just me smiling to myself, enjoying the moment; everyone was. It was genuine and 
  pure and I was there to capture it.”

“We loved the Celtic festival!  The Waxie Dargles were our favorite band!!”

What We Do:

We have years of experience playing large music festivals, with multiple performances over the span of several days. Our song library features several hours worth of Irish/Scottish pub tunes and crowd favorites that are sure to get your audience singing and clapping along!

But we’re not always so rough around the edges…in fact, we clean up pretty nice! We also specialize in formal events (Burns nights, weddings) and have a live cèilidh dance caller and several easy-to-learn Celtic dances that are sure to get the crowd on their feet and part of the experience.

Notable Appearances:
- Sherman Celtic Festival & Highland Games - 2024
- Tulsa Irish Fest - 2024
- Scotfest - 2021, 2022, 2023
- Oklahoma Highland Gathering - 2023
- Scotfest Burns Night - 2024
- Hopefest - 2022
- Stirling Classic Scottish Festival - 2022, 2023

We can play a wide variety of venues from small pubs to large festivals, with multiple performances over the span of several days.

Tulsa Irish Fest 2024


Cèilidh dancing at Scotfest Burns Night 2024 


Scotfest - Broken Arrow 2023


Scottish Club of Tulsa - Cèilidh 2023

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